ask ingrid 1You want to know if a food is compatible with fructose malabsorption, lactose, sorbitol or histamine intolerance? Or do you want to find out if it is gluten-free or suitable for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? Well, just ask Ingrid!

Ingrid is your companion in everyday life with food intolerances. She gives you information about the tolerability, the amount of fructose, lactose, sorbitol, gluten, histamine or FODMAP in your food.

Download the free app "Frag Ingrid" ("Ask Ingrid") on Google Play or iOS App Store and adjust your personal intolerances. Ingrid shows you all the important information. The information is based on scientific findings and the food ratings are developed in collaboration with the experts of the Austrian charity “Society for Public Health”. Ingrid also shows you how well individual foods are tolerated by other people. So the community results let you see, how other patients tolerated that foods.

Scientific data

The data come from the “Society for Public Health”. This project has been researching intolerance for many years and has created the basis for Ingrid with a special food intolerance database. The data used are all derived from scientific research, evaluated by patients and tested by nutrition experts.

Community rating: Patients rate compatibility

But Ingrid has a very special feature: Every user can document his/her personal tolerance of certain foods. These data are evaluated anonymously by Ingrid and made available to all other users. You see not only the scientific nutritional data, but also the evaluation of thousands of other stakeholders. These two independent evaluation criteria allow you to make your perfect individual diet and finally enjoy your life again without discomfort.

Only compatible foods

Ingrid will also automatically show you an individualized list of foods that are tolerable. Because Ingrid is not about prohibitions, but about a better lifestyle. And that includes a balanced diet.

Free and ad-free version

Ingrid is free but shows ads. If that bothers you, you can make Ingrid ad-free with an in-app purchase. This small annual contribution helps promote Ingrid's development. If you choose to buy “Ask Ingrid”, you will be charged an annual fee via your Google Play or Apple App Store account. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. (


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Certifications & Quality

quality criteria logoThe information provided is created in compliance with a self-imposed quality management procedure


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