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First of all: Creating an account on our website and using our website is free of charge!

How to create an account or log in with facebook login:

Just click on the facebook button in the login form and follow the instructions.

The URL in your browser MUST be Without www or any other url will NOT work!

Without using facebook:

1. Click on the green button "Register" on the right side in the login form

2. Fill in the user information you want to provide and click on "next"

step 1

3. Fill out the basic information and your intolerances and allergies (optional). Don't forget to change the privacy settings (see arrows on image below)! Click on "Register"

step 2

4. Now you may upload an avatar. Click on "Upload" and choose your avatar file. If you don't want to do that, click "Skip".

step 3
If you're uploading an avatar please remember that YOU must own all rights on the image and that there's a maximum file size.

5. Your account has now been created but not yet activated! An activation link has been sent to your e-mail. You must activate your account by clicking on the activation link before you can login. So please login to your e-mail account and click on the link provided.

You've got 2 e-mails by us:

e-mail 1: subject "Welcome to FIN" including your username and password - file that in case you forget your password or username
e-mail 2: subject "Account Details for ..." including the activation link

After clicking the link in the second e-mail or after you copied it to your browser you should read: "Your Account has been successfully activated. You can now log in using the username and password you chose during the registration."

Congrats! You're all set up!

Common errors and solutions:

The activation link in the e-mail doesn't work

Well, if you copied the link, make sure you didn't just copy the first line of the link. Sometimes the link in the mail is so long, that it breaks down into 2 lines.

I didn't get any e-mail

Did you provide the correct e-mail address?

If yes, please check your spam folder! Sometimes the mails need some time to arrive. So please wait for 5 minutes and check again (spam folder and inbox!)

The registration process doesn't work at all

Please try another browser or another PC :-)



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