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I didn't get a registration mail?

Please check your SPAM folder. If you don't get a registration mail within the first 24 hours after registration, please contact us via e-mail. We will activate your account manually. You need to send this message from the e-mail account you used to create the website account!

How much does the registration cost? Are there any fees for using this site?

No. This website is free to use! You will not incur any costs. We are financed by advertising.

How do I connect with facebook?

You can register to this site via your facebook account. Just click on the button "login with facebook". In the pop-up window login to facebook (if you are already logged in, you don't have to do that step) and allow the facebook app access to your account. Now you get a username on our website  like "Firstname_Lastname". Whenever you come back to our site and are logged in to facebook, you'll be logged in with us, too.

How can I delete my account?

Click on the delete button in your profile settings. Or just send an e-mail to our customer support and tell them to delete your account. You have to send this message from the e-mail account you used to create the website account! Your account will be deleted as soon as possible, normally within 2 working days.

Can I get medical treatment or diagnosis through this website?

No! We do NOT provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment! We are here to inform you and give you a platform to discuss and talk with others. If any user on this website should ever offer you a diagnosis or tries to give you medical treatment, please tell us immediately!

Do you provide any support on the telephone?

No, we do not have a help line or any other kind of phone-based support.


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