histamine table ranked by degree of tolerance

In a major research project, we have had 109 different foods rated by over 800 histamine intolerance patients according to their individual tolerability. The resulting tolerability index has the advantage that the foods have been evaluated at a typical storage time and with the average state of processing. We then compared the results of this survey with intake recommendations and other scientific data, and were thus able to draw up a table that evaluates many foods according to their tolerability.

In doing this, we found that some of the old food recommendations were incorrect.
Raspberries, green beans and papayas were seen as poorly tolerated in cases of histamine intolerance. We were unable to confirm this in our research; on the contrary, papayas were mostly classified as well tolerated – after the elimination diet. Citric fruits also appear to be better tolerated than was accepted up to now.

Despite all the tables, the most important maxim, and not just with histamine intolerance, is: always pay attention to your individual tolerance levels!

You can also find this table in our book "Food Intolerances: Fructose Malabsorption, Lactose and Histamine Intolerance"

The following table is ranked according to the degree of tolerance.

smiley_laugh well tolerated  |  smiley_middle sometimes tolerated – individual testing during the test phase recommended  |  smiley_sad poorly tolerated  |  ED = elimination diet (first weeks after diagnosis)  |  PD = permanent diet

Potato smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Celeriac smiley_middle smiley_middle
Lettuce smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Grapes smiley_middle smiley_middle
Rice smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Onions smiley_middle smiley_middle
Courgettes smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Pork smiley_middle smiley_middle
Chicken (without skin) smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Coffee smiley_middle smiley_middle
Endive smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Fruit teas, fresh smiley_middle smiley_middle
Lamb’s lettuce smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Mushrooms smiley_sad smiley_middle
Blueberries smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Savoy cabbage smiley_sad smiley_middle
Pumpkin (Hokkaido) smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Garlic smiley_sad smiley_middle
Dandelion leaves smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Bell peppers (green) smiley_sad smiley_middle
Carrots smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Chanterelle mushrooms smiley_sad smiley_middle
Sweet potatoes smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Plums smiley_sad smiley_middle
Watermelon smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Porcini (Ceps) smiley_sad smiley_middle
Broccoli smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Corn (tinned) smiley_sad smiley_middle
Chicory smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Bamboo shoots smiley_sad smiley_middle
Chinese cabbage smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Red cabbage smiley_sad smiley_middle
Fennel smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Green beans smiley_sad smiley_middle
Cucumber smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Peas smiley_sad smiley_middle
Fresh corn, cooked smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Hoseraddish smiley_sad smiley_middle
Asparagus smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Raisins smiley_sad smiley_middle
Sugar melon smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Pears smiley_sad smiley_middle
Beef smiley_laugh smiley_laugh Chickpeas smiley_sad smiley_middle
Apple smiley_middle smiley_laugh Tuna, fresh smiley_sad smiley_middle
Cauliflower smiley_middle smiley_laugh Sodas, diet smiley_sad smiley_middle
Redcurrents smiley_middle smiley_laugh Aubergine smiley_sad smiley_middle
Prickly pear smiley_middle smiley_laugh Avocado smiley_sad smiley_middle
Peach smiley_middle smiley_laugh Banana smiley_sad smiley_middle
Leek smiley_middle smiley_laugh Dates, dried smiley_sad smiley_middle
Radish smiley_middle smiley_laugh Lima beans smiley_sad smiley_middle
Beetroot smiley_middle smiley_laugh Mandarin / Tangerine smiley_sad smiley_middle
Gooseberry smiley_middle smiley_laugh Soy beans smiley_sad smiley_middle
Egg smiley_middle smiley_laugh White cabbage smiley_sad smiley_middle
Apricot smiley_middle smiley_laugh Malt beer smiley_sad smiley_middle
Artichoke smiley_middle smiley_laugh Figs, dried smiley_sad smiley_middle
Blackberry smiley_middle smiley_laugh Limes smiley_sad smiley_middle
Sweet chestnuts smiley_middle smiley_laugh Spinach smiley_sad smiley_middle
Pomegranate smiley_middle smiley_laugh Lemons smiley_sad smiley_middle
Kaki smiley_middle smiley_laugh Cocoa powder smiley_sad smiley_middle
Cherry smiley_middle smiley_laugh Spirits, distilled smiley_sad smiley_middle
Lohlrabi smiley_middle smiley_laugh Pineapple smiley_sad smiley_sad
Lychee smiley_middle smiley_laugh Strawberries smiley_sad smiley_sad
Mango smiley_middle smiley_laugh Pickled cucumber smiley_sad smiley_sad
Okra smiley_middle smiley_laugh Grapefruit smiley_sad smiley_sad
Black salsify smiley_middle smiley_laugh Kiwi smiley_sad smiley_sad
Salt water fish (not tuna!) smiley_middle smiley_laugh Orange smiley_sad smiley_sad
Fresh water fish smiley_middle smiley_laugh Tomato smiley_sad smiley_sad
Honey smiley_middle smiley_laugh Beer smiley_sad smiley_sad
Figs smiley_middle smiley_middle Energy drink, sugar-free smiley_sad smiley_sad
Raspberries smiley_middle smiley_middle White wine smiley_sad smiley_sad
Coconut milk smiley_middle smiley_middle Tuna, tinned smiley_sad smiley_sad
Mangold smiley_middle smiley_middle Energy drink with sugar smiley_sad smiley_sad
Papaya smiley_middle smiley_middle Sauerkraut smiley_sad smiley_sad
Parsnip smiley_middle smiley_middle Wheat beer smiley_sad smiley_sad
Rhubarb smiley_middle smiley_middle Red wine smiley_sad smiley_sad
Brussels sprouts smiley_middle smiley_middle      


Zechmann, M; Masterman, G; "Food Intolerances: Fructose Malabsorption, Lactose and Histamine Intolerance", 1st edition 2013

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