What can I eat if I have fructose malabsorption?

eating_fruktosePlease be aware that this list is not exhaustive and that food products are subject to naturally variable amounts of substances. Apart from that, every person is different, which means that you need to find out for yourself what foods you can tolerate more and which foods you can tolerate less!

Well tolerable are:

A general rule for fruits and vegetables: Don't overdo it!

Vitamins and mineral nutrients

good_fruitsThose who have fructose malabsorption should not be worried about being unable to get enough supplies of vitamins or minerals. All you have to do is to be more selective in your choice of foods and observe certain rules, and you will be able to eat a healthy diet even with fructose malabsorption!

As has been described in "Diagnosis: Fructose malabsorption" it will be possible to start to normalise the food intake again after the first 2 weeks (It is extremely important to do the fructose-restricted diet in the first 2 weeks!). This means that small amounts of fructose can be eaten and the amounts can ans MUST slowly be increased. From then on it will be possible to re-introduce certain types of fruit again and thus supply the body with some vitamins and fibres. The goal ist to be able to eat kind of normal amounts of fructose again.

The supply of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, magnesium and zinc is compromised in patients affected by fructose malabsorption. Fruits that are well tolerated should thus be eaten frequently.

You will find several tables with tolerable types fruits and vegetable in the download centre.

Nor does it hurt to take some vitamin and mineral supplements. It is very important here that you read the list of ingredients (watch out for sorbitol, mannitol, etc...) and consult a medical professional, a pharmacist or a registered dietician for advice.  You should avoid alcoholic drinks, i.e. beer and wine, as much as possible. This also helps to take the pressure off the liver (see "Fatty liver and fructose malabsorption").

How can I sweeten recipes when I have fructose malabsorption?

Instead of honey or sugar you can use rice syrup, Stevia or Glucose (Dextrose). You should not use any other syrup products! Household sugar can be tolerated in small amounts in most cases, because it is made up of the same amount of fructose and glucose (but this depends on the individual)! Those who do not have additional lactose intolerance can sweeten their foods with lactose, but this can cause a laxative effect!

Some more tips regarding fructose malabsorption:


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