Quality criteria

siegelNowadays there are many websites that provide information about food intolerance. It is not always easy to identify the motive of those providing the information nor, especially, is it straightforward to assess the quality. Unfortunately the often debatable quality of content from some of these providers can lead to patients and other users of websites drawing the wrong conclusions. It can even lead to patients being invited to undertake some form of self-therapy. It is also not clearly stipulated how these websites handle their visitors' data.

The information provided by the food intolerance network, which is always offered free of charge, is created in compliance with a self-imposed quality management procedure.

We have defined the following criteria for this:

We believe that these strict self-monitoring parameters will sustain the quality of the food intolerance network.

We should not be your only source of information, but you can be assured that we deliver information of a very high qualitative standard.

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All contributors and editors cooperate on a voluntary basis and free of charge to run The Food Intolerance Network website. The project is operated by the "Gesellschaft für Öffentliche Gesundheit" (Society for Public Health). The costs for the running of such a project are relatively high due, for example, to server and domain charges or for a computer programmer who needs to close certain security gaps. In order to be able to continue to finance this project, and in order to be able to continue to offer our information to you free of charge we need to insert advertisements.

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In principle a strict separation between advertising and editorial content is provided on all pages in order to safeguard our independence. The ad banners are accordingly clearly marked as “Advertisement”. The placement of promotional displays has no influence on editorial activity.

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